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Muay Thai. The latest.

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort bout

Because of the popularity of MMA  in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Boxing has lost some momentum. On the other hand Muay Thai is gaining ground, slowly but surely. With the rise of Muay Thai Fighters in the MMA ranks, such as Anderson Silva, Muay Thai has a world of possibilities here in the USA.

MPL's poster

Recently, the Muay Thai Premier League (MPL) made a great debut in America. It brought with it great cards and amazing fighters. But the fact remains that Thai  Boxing is still a big unknown to most Americans. In many states the sanctioning of Muay Thai events is very complicated.

Lots of people have misconceptions about Thai Boxing, and most confuse it with Kickboxing. There is still a lot of work to be done in terms of awareness. If a giant, such as Dana White, gets the urge to promote Muay Thai, then, it will definetively get well deserved prime time attention.

In the meantime, we at Jungle Miami will continue to train hard and work hard to promote the Art Of Eight Weapons. Here is a report on the Muay Thai  Epic 4 React event coming up in Australia. Looks like it is going to be a good one.  I hope you all enjoy this post and  send us your feedback, we appreciate it.

Epic 4 React poster
The fourth Muay Thai promotion of EPIC tournaments will be hosted at Craigie Leisure Centre next Saturday October 15, 2011 with the main event where Perth’s Kim Olsen will take on Gary Williams from South Australia along with some of the best WA fighters on the card – Alex Moppa James, Roy Wills, Lino Tak, Wes Capper, Marco Tentori, Ruan Du Plessis including state titles, interstate fights and international female bout between Caley Reece fighting Claire Haigh from UK.

Epic 4 React FIGHT CARD

Kim Olsen ( WA ) vs Gary Williams ( SA )

MUAY THAI FIGHT -72.000 kg 5×3 mn
Wes Capper vs Marco Tentori

Caley Reece ( AUSTRALIA ) vs Claire Haigh (UK)

Alex MOPPA James ( WA ) vs Cody Brooks ( NSW )

Ruan Du Plessis ( WA ) vs Jun Lee ( QLD )

MUAY THAI FIGHT -63.500 kg 5×2 mn
Beau St Quentin vs Matt Kaos King

Roy Wills ( WA ) vs Joel Anderson ( QLD )

MUAY THAI STATE TITLE – 76.300 kg 5×2 mn
Brady Paul vs Jack Nikich

MUAY THAI FIGHT -56.000 kg 5×2 mn
Linno Tak vs Ben Brown

MUAY THAI FIGHT -68.000 kg 5×2 mn
Matt Evans vs Daniel Sultana

Kim Townsend vs Kaitlyn Vance

MUAY THAI STATE TITLE 50.800 kg 5×2 mn
David Truong vs Zac Einersen

For more details and/or partnership with the show please call 0415 122 856.


Read the report of the previous addition EPiC 3 Believe  which was promoted on June 25 earlier this year.

Kicks, punches, thai elbows and knees in head – EPiC fights 3  Belive

Luke Aram
by Parviz Iskenderov

Yesterday (June 25) Perth hosted a great night of professional muay thai featuring some of the best Australian fighters with three titles on the card.

Okay, let’s start from the very beginning. Shame on me I missed first couple of fights, cause either the venue was way too far or probably my mate Tim had to drive slow due to a heavyweight Moppa sitting in the car too.

Anyway, in the first muaythai bout Emma Graham won by unanimous points decision versus Christina Jurjevic. According to Macca there were quite a few good elbows coming out from Christina, though Emma was better and dominated the fight.

Chris Daniel took a points decision over Alex Job. It was their second fight with a draw in the previous one.

I would call EPiC 3 the fight of the hard leg kicks and elbows. Fight of Lino Tak and Makk McNaught… Thai/Aussie Lino, fighting real muaythai style took judges decision. Before that he made quite a bit of a damage on his opponent’s leg with that hard kick. It was black. Giving a credit to Makk McNaught he was hard too and showed some good skills and effort to win, stayed to the end and tried his best.

The fight I liked the most is where Luke Aram faced Roy Wills showing what does it mean to be fit and fast. He basically confirmed again his fight name “PitBull” – he never stops in his attacks. The intrigue of this bout was probably that both are top skillful and fit, just Luke has more experience.

“I missed that highkick in the first round, but that probably it. I felt confident and controlled the situation, seeing him coping those low-kicks.”

Roy Wills did well, just I think, the only mistake he made, was that he didn’t change the style of fighting during the actual bout. I mean instead of trying to be as fast as Aram, he should’ve switch into a thai style and put pressure on him. That’s what I would try to do, I know it is easy to say than done though.

MORE ELBOWS: Loved watching elbows performance by Ruan Du Plessis in a fight versus Simone Allaix from Italy. It was something like a demolition. Italian didn’t show much from Muay Thai apart of Wai Kru… I don’t mean to be mean, but that’s true. I didn’t even notice him hitting Ruan even once. The fight was ended by TKO after several eight counts.

Something was wrong with the judges for sure. BCW fight vs Glen Purvis was an unanimous decision. For me it looked like it was given to the wrong corner though. That’s what Brett posted on forum after the fight: “glens a tough kid with a lot of skills, and will have to take a closer look at the video cause I was even surprised at the decision”. In anyway next BCW fight is on Domination 7 versus Mitch Seth. Also loved his devil Muay Thai shorts sponsored by WMD.

Four man tournament where Jason Lea went to final winning Harlee Avison in the first semi-final. Was good to watch and quite entertaining. The second semi-final between Kym Johnson and Marco Tentori. Honestly I expected a bit more from Marco, seemed like he was the lightest of all competitors that was probably a reason that made things hard for him. Well for me it looked like Kym Johnson won all three rounds with no doubts though the judges scored it as a draw, Marco is from WA by the way. Well after an extra round Johnson’s name was called as a winner anyway. But I believe it took hell of a physical energy from him too, as he knew he won, but had to fight one more round after he almost took the gloves off.

So the final was between Lea and Johnson. The obvious was their height difference, as Johnson was the tallest and Lea was probably the shortest of all four men on the start card. Three rounds of action with quite good skills and combos and as a result Kym Johnson from SA takes the belt.

The World female Muay Thai title fight, the main event number two, where Caley Reece took a deserved unanimous points decision win over Madeleine Vall from Sweden, and was awarded with one more World champions belt in her collection. Was a good fight to watch, especially when the girls do proper, sharp Muay Thai school using different skills. Caley has been fighting for years and she holds several national and World titles.

The very last fight of the night where Kim Olsen stopped Daniel Smyrk during the first minute of the second round. He showed a very good use of knees and elbows and as a result he was titled as a National Muay Thai champion.

It was the first time I attended EPiC tournaments and I liked it. Special thanks to Darren Reece for a great job and the invite to the well set up show with the good quality fights. It was also good to meet again some nice people like Brett Dalton, Jordan Weir; see my old friend Monika as a card girl and everything. Thanks to Jordan for taking photos.

The only thing I didn’t get was why Mr Wayne Rowland who presented himself as a commissioner, I suppose of WA combat sport, was pretty rude in a conversation and didn’t want to tell his name since five times he was asked. I have never met this person before and never heard of him on any levels of Muay Thai sport in WA, cause there is probably nothing? I don’t mean to be smart, but I also never heard from any promoter of WA that, this or that commissioner (apart of Kevin and help of Margaret) actually assist in promoting and arrangements for the shows. What for this commission exists then…?

Probably promoters, who make great tournaments and develop Australian health and fitness via Muay Thai sport, putting WA events on FOX TV; and what we do – managing Australian athletes and sending them overseas to fight on quite big shows making Australia even more recognized as a strong sport country… is not enough? Anyway that’s a different topic.


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