Thursday, December 24, 2009

"New York's Toughest Trainer"

A little over a year ago I was involved in a contest by the New York Post. Mary Huhn was going around New York City trying to find the "Toughest Trainer" she could. At the time I had just started working for Crunch on 13th Street one block south of Union Square. When I was offered the opportunity to compete... c'mon, you think I could resist?!
Mary came in, we worked out, and Mary left. A week later I hurried to the newstands to read the article. And wha-da-ya-know, it was me! I was named "New York City's Toughest Trainer!"
Make room now, the ego has landed (throat clears).
Truth be told, I thought I had no chance. I mean, I was up against a former conditioning coach for the New York Jets, a competitive bodybuilder, an ex-Army Sergeant, and the "Kettlebell King."
I guess I was wrong, and boy was that great for business!
So here I am, back in Miami, my home town, after being named "New York City's Toughest Personal Trainer" by the New York Post. Best of all, it was on Page Six, a famous page! (Technically it was page 42, Page Six it what the section is called.) I found the video version of the article on YouTube and decided to add it to the site next to my "Resume."
So, check it out. I'm featured on "Day 4" and named the "Toughest Trainer" at the end. I hope you enjoy.

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