Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exercise is Medicine

The power of exercise continues to amaze me. I had hurt my wrist taking a nasty fall on my bicycle (40 Year-Old Virgin style) a week ago. After letting is heal for three days, I grabbed the Indian Clubs and started doing "Spins" with them. And boy... it hurt like hell. But I pushed on.
I've learned that injuries don't heal themselves without proper stimulus, so I kept up with the "Spins." Four days later my wrist barely hurt.
A student here at Jungle had been complaining of elbow pain after taking a hit from a door on it. It had been hurting for a month and a half now. She winced in pain every time she would lift her arm. It got to the point where she did everything she could to not lift the arm, and it was effecting her peace of mind.

I told her to push through the pain a little with "Simple Circles" on the Clubs. Fifteen minutes later... she was holding her elbow. I asked if she was ok and, with eyes wide-open, she told me the pain was gone! After a month and a half of doing everything with the other arm, the pain was gone after fifteen minutes with the Indian Clubs.
Granted that was an extra-ordinary recover (it usally takes a few days) but she can now go back to living life.
In order for little nics and bumps to heal one needs to move it (after it's healed ofcourse). The Indian Clubs are one of the best tools I've found to heal little nuisances in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Exercise is medicine, and Indian Clubs are one of the cures. I use them for my own injuries, and recommend them for everyone... (a caveat here)... you need proper instruction. It is possible to overdo it and re-injure yourself.
But whether it's elbow or wrist pain, diabetes, P.A.D., Heart-Disease, or a number of other ailments, we cannot deny that EXERCISE IS MEDICINE!

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